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The Parker Family Secret

By Kay Correll

  • Genre: Fiction & Literature, Books, Romance, Contemporary, Family
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<p>Donna and Evelyn’s mother, Patricia, is… <em>difficult</em>, at best.&nbsp;</p><p>Patricia wants things her way, the proper way, of course. There can be no cause for gossip and she’s not forgiven Heather for her big scandalous secret.</p><p>When Ted Cabot ends up in a condo right next to Patricia, she does everything possible to avoid him. Just because they were friends years ago does not mean that they need to be friends now.</p><p>And yet… they do slowly become friends again.&nbsp;</p><p>But those pesky Parker secrets have a way of popping up and turning everyone’s world upside down. And this Parker Secret is a doozy.</p><p>MOONBEAM BAY - the series<br>The Parker Women - Book One<br>The Parker Cafe - Book Two<br>A Heather Parker Original - Book Three<br>The Parker Family Secret - Book Four<br>Grace Parker’s Peach Pie - Book Five<br>The Perks of Being a Parker - Book Six</p>